28 Days Later #23
Boom! Studios
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Comic  Modern Age 3.99 kr.
Read It: Yes 32 Pages

(W) Michael Alan Nelson (A) Alejandro Aragon Finally in London, Clint and Selena find themselves driven apart by a secret from Selena's past. And as the so-called 'peace' created by the military slips away, one question will rise from the ashes: are Clint and Selena more powerful together or apart? If you loved the 28 Days Later movies, this is the comic book you should be reading! Cover by Sean Phillips.
Writer Michael Alan Nelson
Artist Alejandro Aragon
Colorist Nolan Woodard
Letterer Johnny Lowe
Cover Artist Sean Phillips
Editor Ian Brill
Clint Harris

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Color Color
Barcode 84428400127402311
Country USA
Release Date 25-05-2011

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